[ Random beauty ]

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Confucius )

tumblr_m55f85acCZ1qz8619o1_500 tumblr_mg4efeceqB1r8xshmo1_500 tumblr_mnvnxiOyuM1qhdgv6o1_500 tumblr_mq7pccFzyF1r2lxexo1_500 tumblr_mrf8mvugSf1qb1f7qo1_500 tumblr_mrfshhZWQW1qdk1qco1_500 tumblr_mrs7zh56P91rpe0jco1_500 tumblr_mrs8ih1rRb1rpe0jco1_500 tumblr_mrvwi3wlPS1rpe0jco1_500 tumblr_mrvyrpq5Di1rpe0jco1_500 tumblr_mrxtduXfYt1rpe0jco1_500


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